Miss T says: “What is an approved tracking system?”

When providing theft and hijack cover for insured vehicles, many insurers require approved tracking and recovery devices to be fitted and active on vehicles which exceed certain values. These values are as follows:

  • Trucks and buses: R500 000
  • Sedans and Light Delivery Vehicles: R350 000

For a tracking and recovery device to be approved, the following is required:

  • The system must be operational at the time of any theft or hijacking or any attempted theft or hijacking
  • A legal contract must exist between you and your supplier
  • Your monthly subscription and/or monitoring fee must be paid and up to date at the time of the theft or hijacking or attempt
  • The vehicle tracking system must be monitored on a 24-hour basis by a manned control room operated by your supplier or a similar outsourced facility
  • The supplier of the tracking system must provide an emergency response facility that will react immediately on notification of a theft alert via the tracking device or any other means

Passive units that are only activated when a theft is reported are not acceptable as approved security protection. Vehicle tracking must be available and active in all areas where the insured vehicle is normally operated or driven.

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