Expired licences? Your claims might still be valid.

SA’s licence printing machine has been fixed.

The country’s only licence printing machine has been repaired, according to the Minister of Transport. The machine broke down in November last year and has left taxi owners and operators wondering if their fleet would still be covered if any of their drivers have been doing so with an expired driving licence card.

As long as it can be proven that reasonable steps have been taken to renew a licence, claims should not be rejected based on the expiration of a driving licence card. Proof of efforts to renew a card, such as a temporary driver’s licence or the renewal receipt, can be accepted for claim validation purposes.

The Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) is making good work of catching up with the backlog of licence applications and renewals caused by the breakdown. If you have not done so yet, we suggest that you instruct your drivers to begin the renewal application process to stay on the right side of the traffic officials – and your policy.

Contact us to ensure that you have adequate cover for fleet of taxis and please, stay safe on our roads.

Kwhela sihambe! You transport the nation. We make sure you are covered.